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Company History
Creativity, ingenuity and perseverance have made Empire the
first choice for adhesive tapes since the companies inception
in 1993. People around the world have looked to Empire for
products and ideas that solve problems and make an impact
to their industrial applications. Our achievements are the
foundation of a proud past, a bright future and for many new
tape innovations to come. The company has always believed
that if we give our customers the very best tapes, of the very
highest quality and with the highest level of service, that would
be the best advert for the company.
The Empire team create a climate that turns Empire into a
new product powerhouse. We see ourselves as the “architects”
of innovation when it comes to delivering a diverse range of
specialist adhesive tapes. Sustaining innovation in a growing company is a massive challenge. Empire
walks the innovation “high wire” and constantly invests in product development and converting
excellence. Our people share ideas and solve customer problems across the widest range of industries.
Empire’s constant product innovation is the mantra for our success. We believe that It takes flexibility,
creativity and sometimes a willingness to take a risk, to ensure that we maintain our success and
continue to deliver the widest range of tapes.
We have a history of investing in our people to enable them to gain the knowledge, enthusiasm and
customer care that has put Empire at the very cutting edge of today’s
adhesive tape market. Much of Empire’s rich culture comes from the
principles first set down by the founders and owners of the business; Dean
Sherriff and Mark Stanley. They believe “Create your own style,
let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”.
Over the years, more than anything, they have ensured
that building a happy, knowledgeable and passionate
winning team gains the best results. They believe
that this camaraderie, closeness and strength filters
through to their clients which in turn
breeds loyalty, long term friendships
and sets Empire apart from its
competitors. Ultimately the
company has always lived by the
rule “Success is not the key to
happiness. Happiness is the key
to success. If you love what you
are doing, you will be successful”.
Empire’s constant
product innovation is the
mantra for our success
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